Please help me with the task: Calculator.

Hello, I’m working on this task:

Write a program that first waits for the user to input two integers, A and B, one after the other, from the console. Then the user should input the operation “add” or “multiply”. If the user inputs “add”, output the sum of A and B. If the user answers “multiply”, output the multiplication product of A and B. For example:

Here is my code:

namespace Booleans
   public class ConsoleReadLine
       public static void Main(string[] args)
           string aString = Console.ReadLine();
           string bString = Console.ReadLine();

           int a = int.Parse(aString);
           int b = int.Parse(bString);
           string operation = "add";
           if (operation == "add")
               int result = a + b;
               Console.WriteLine("" + result+"");

Can anyone please help me to solve it?