Please help me with the task: Commenting the code.

Hello, I’m working on this task:

Some virus has changed the output of this program, by adding its own lines of code! Use a double slash on each line of suspicious code. This is known as “commenting out.” With the added lines changed to comments, they will be ignored and the program will work correctly, while documenting the unwanted changes made by the virus. The correct output will be: “Comments help to document the code. But you should try to write self-documenting code without comments!”

Here is my code:

public static class CommentingTheCode
   public static void Main()
       string comments = "Comments ";
       comments = "I";
       string helpToDocument = "help to document";
       helpToDocument = " am";
       string theCode = " the code. ";
       theCode = " not";
       string youShouldWrite = "But you should try to write ";
       youShouldWrite = " a";
       string selfDocumenting = "self-documenting code";
       selfDocumenting = " virus";
       string withoutComments = " without comments!";
       withoutComments = "!";

       Console.WriteLine(comments + helpToDocument + theCode + youShouldWrite + selfDocumenting + withoutComments);

Can anyone please help me to solve it?