Please help me with the task: "Paint the Dominator"

Hello, I’m working on this task:

The biggest machine known to us is a huge cube, measuring 317 meters in each direction, and it is called “Dominator.” To stop Dominator, we plan to paint it with a machine-destroying paint. Write a program that calculates how much paint we will need to totally paint all six sides of Dominator, if painting 1 square meter takes 20 grams of paint. You have studied geometry, haven’t you? Output the result using string interpolation in the format:

I need ** grams of paint.

Here is my code:

public static class PaintTheDominator
   public static void Main()
       Console.WriteLine("I need {} grams of paint.");

Can anyone please help me to solve it?

Hi Anoop, welcome to Codeasy! To get help, please make an initial effort and write some code for the task. We can take it from there.

12058680 is the gr of paint

// Define the dimensions of the Dominator cube
double sideLength = 317.0; // in meters

    // Calculate the surface area of one side of the cube
    double sideArea = sideLength * sideLength;

    // Calculate the total surface area of all six sides
    double totalSurfaceArea = 6 * sideArea;

    // Define the paint consumption rate
    double paintConsumptionRate = 20.0; // grams per square meter

    // Calculate the total amount of paint needed
    double paintNeeded = totalSurfaceArea * paintConsumptionRate;

    // Output the result using string interpolation
    Console.WriteLine($"I need {paintNeeded} grams of paint.");